Best Essential Oil For Anxiety in 2017

Due to an endless list of stressors, we tend to develop anxiety. Anxiety is used to coin certain disorders that lead to nervousness, apprehension, worrying and fear. These disorders often affect our behavior, feelings, ability to sleep well, and function normally. It makes us feel uneasy at all times and brings a negative effect on our daily tasks. Usually, anxiety is treated with medical help, psychological counseling or independently. Fortunately, there’s another way to treat anxiety, and it is with the aid of certain essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from different parts of plants like leaves, barks, roots, resin, peels, and barks. Dating back ancient times, the Egyptians and the Jews are known to produce these essential oils by filtering the plants soaked in oil through a linen bag. For years, essential oils are used by various cultures as a cleaning agent, beauty care product, treatment, and aromatherapy. It has antimicrobial properties, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that will benefit the whole body.

How can essential oils treat anxiety?

Since essential oils contain highly concentrated essences from plants, the healing properties of it can easily penetrate the bloodstream within just 5 minutes after applying it on the skin. Also, inhaling the scent that it gives off, known as aromatherapy, is the vital key to treating anxiety effectively. According to National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy enables the person to enhance its innate healing processes as it unifies one physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually, this proves that utilizing essential oils for anxiety is truly useful.

What are the best essential oils for anxiety?

There are so many essentials oils you can choose from, but since we want nothing but the best for you, we have tested and narrowed down your options into five. You can find below a list of the most useful essential oils made by the finest manufacturers that you can take advantage of and be relaxed and free from anxiety. Check it out!


Product #5 Healing Natural Oils – Lavender


lavender essential oil

For years, Lavender oil has been one of the most used essential oil on spas for the floral, sweet and relaxing aroma it brings. It is a versatile type of essential oil as it can provide lots of benefits as it can lighten up your mood, boosts your stamina and energy, treats certain skin disorders, improves blood circulation, relieves kinds of respiratory disorders, and of course, it can treat anxiety. Truly an amazing skin and health wonder!

Healing Natural Oils’ Lavender Essential Oil is guaranteed to be 100% pure. It is extracted from Lavandula angustifolia or Lavandula officinalis from France by the process of steam distillation through the use of its flower buds. This essential oil is made of the highest quality of ingredients plus it is 100% natural and can bring no harm to the skin. Over 750,000 bottles of essential oil have been sold since the year 2001. Totally, a reliable product you can confidently purchase.

How to use Lavender Essential Oil?

Dilute the lavender essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Gently apply it on your skin and infused yourself with a relaxing back or neck massage. Rub 2-3 drops of diluted lavender oil in your palms and judiciously inhale its aroma all the way into your body’s emotional warehouse, the amygdala gland. By this process, your body will be soothed. You can also apply and massage the essential oil on your feet, wrists, temples or in any part of your body and let yourself experience the calming effect it provides.

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Product #4 Starwest Botanicals Orange Sweet Oil

Orange Sweet Essential Oil



Throughout history, orange sweet essential oil has been utilized to treat various medical conditions like skin infections, cold, flu, and poor digestion. It is known to have antiseptic properties, antidepressant elements, and digestive stimulants. It is widely used throughout India, China, and Mediterranean way back hundreds and thousands of years. The benefits of orange oil include decreasing hypertension, improving blood circulation, fighting cancerous tumors, killing bacteria, reducing wrinkles, and easing anxiety.

Starwest Botanicals Orange Sweet Oil is rich with fresh, fruity, and sweet aroma and it is ideal for blends. It is very effective in treating stress, insomnia, and anxiety. It guarantees you 100% satisfaction. It is highly concentrated and is needed to be diluted before use.

How to use Orange Sweet Oil?

Diffuse this kind of essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Apply it to your temples, neck, and back and gently massage it. You can also directly inhale its scent for a more intensified aromatherapy that can soothe your body.

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Product #3 BioFinest Angelica Essential Oil




Known as the “oil of angels,” Angelica essential oil has a calming aroma that makes the environment more relaxing. During the early years, the plant Angelica with a botanical name Angelica Archangelica where the essential oil is extracted was used as a flavoring agent for the reason that it provides a spicy and sweet aroma. Then its medicinal use was discovered and just for a fact; it was used to treat the Plague in Europe. Angelica Essential is then used to aid for muscles spasms, blood purification, digestive stimulation, and anxiety.

BioFinest Angelica Essential Oil is made from the finest quality of angelica oil. It is 100% pure and has no additives. It is cruelty-free, paraben free, and vegan certified. It is non-toxic, undiluted and unfiltered. It’s a premium quality product in a bottle.

How to use BioFinest Angelica Essential Oil?

Dilute this essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Apply it on your body with a gentle massage. Put a few drops of oils on your palms and directly inhale the aroma it gives off for a more relaxing sensation.

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Product #2 Starwest Botanicals Bergamot Oil


Bergamot Essential Oil



Bergamot Oil is extracted from a plant that bears citrus fruit that’s hybrid. It’s cultivated in the southern part of Italy. The oil is taken from the fruit’s peel, and it undergoes the process of cold compression rather than steam distillation. It is used to heal scars, reduce a headache, relax tensed muscles, stimulate digestive juices, and ease anxiety.

Another high-quality product of Starwest Botanicals, Starwest Botanicals Bergamot Oil will give you the calming and relaxing sensation you’ve been looking for. It underwent careful distillation process giving you the finest bergamot oil in the market.

How to use Starwest Botanicals Bergamot Oil?

Using a carrier oil of your choice, dilute the essential oil. Massage it gently on the parts of your body for a soothing effect. Enjoy its sweet and fruity scent through aromatherapy.

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Product #1 Starwest Botanicals Sage Oil


Sage Essential Oil



Save the best for last! Sage oil is extracted from the steam distilled leaves of the herb named Sage, the plant that owns the longest record of use in the fields of medicine and culinary. It is an excellent stimulant, and it can ease mental fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Also, it reduces inflammation, decreases the effects of toxin exposure, and it facilitates metabolism.

The best essential oil for anxiety made by a premium manufacturer, Starwest Botanicals Sage Oil is an excellent product. It has a strong and warm herbaceous aroma that can give you the relaxation you deserve. It’s highly concentrated and needs to be diluted before use.

How to use Starwest Botanicals Bergamot Oil?

Properly dilute this essential oil with your choice of carrier oil. Gently apply and massage it on your back, neck, temples, and wrists. Intensify the relaxation you’re getting through aromatherapy.

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