Best Essential Oil Diffuser of 2017

Have you ever met one of those people who seem so wired and jittery, they appear not to have enough time to live?

Maybe YOU feel that way. Understandably, life’s pressures can be a bit too much.

And that is where the art of relaxation comes.

Essential oils for many centuries had been used to relax and soothe the human body and mind.

What’s in a scent?

Scents are primarily used in aromatherapy, and it can do the following to a human body:

  •    Balance hormones
  •    Fight colds and flu
  •    Increase and improve your digestion
  •    Heal skin ailments
  •    Soothe sore muscles
  •    Relax your muscles
  •    Improve sleep
  •    Clean your home
  •    Personal hygiene

Essential oils and their scents

Essential oils are extracted from plants and are packed with healing properties. Used in holistic treatments like aromatherapy, they mimic the exact function they play in the plants. These therapeutic oils protect the plant from a harsh surrounding environment, insects and other elements.

They are formed through distillation where the oil and water components of the plant are separated by steaming. The oils are made up of tiny molecules that can be absorbed by your cells disbursing their scents as they move throughout your body.

You have quite a few application options at your disposal when you want to use essential oils. These include topical application, ingestion, and aromatherapy.  The little molecular makeup of essential oils allows them to penetrate your skin by inhalation, swallowing and through your skin.

The role of Essential oil diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are an important component of aromatherapy. So finding the best essential oil diffuser is key to good aromatherapy. There are four types of diffusers:

–    Evaporative diffusers

–    Nebulizing diffusers

–    Humidifying (Ultrasonic) diffusers

–    Heat diffusers

How they work

The nebulizer is the most powerful of all the diffusers. Just attach the bottle to it, and it will disperse the concentrated oil into the air using a special atomizer. Unfortunately, it is quite noisy.

The Ultrasonic diffuser is as effective as the nebulizer. It, however, uses water which dilutes the concentration of the oil. It can also be used as a humidifier.

Heat and evaporative diffusers use a filter/pad and fan. The oil is dropped onto the pad/screen and then evaporated by the blowing fan. In the case of heat diffusers, heat is applied in the evaporation process. The scent circulates as it is released into the air although the heavier strong notes of the scent are only felt after a while. The heat also changes the chemical component of the oil.

Now to a review of the best essential oil diffusers of 2017

1. Aroma Ace essential oil atomizing diffuser 12 V Universal



Power Source: Wall Plug

Coverage: 1000 to 1500 square feet

Accessories: Aroma silence and aroma timer


The 12V aspect of the Aroma Ace eliminates all power restrictions that come with a fixed voltage system. So you can comfortably use it anywhere in the world by choosing an adaptor that works for you. It features advanced built-in timers that ensure optimum operational control.

The cold diffusion technology keeps the oils essence intact for the best therapeutic benefits. It works by transforming the oils into a micro-fine vapor mist. The microparticles remain in the air for hours working on viruses, bacteria, and odors.

Most Notable Features

  •    Highly advanced cold diffusion technology
  •    No water or heat
  •    Does not change the chemical makeup of the essential oils
  •    No mixing or spilling of oils
  •    Ejects fine micro particles that are easily absorbed by the body
  •    Easy to deep clean 


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2. Aroma-Whisper essential oil atomizing diffuser 110V US

Aroma-Whisper essential oil atomizing diffuser 110V US


Power source: wall plug

Coverage: 1000 to 1500 square feet

Accessories: Aroma silencer, Aroma time and Atomizer attachments


Using state of the art cold diffusion technology the Aroma whisper preserves the natural essence of the oils. Timing controls allow you to control this diffuser to your convenience and needs.

Unlike other diffusers in its class, the Aroma-Whisper utilizes the acoustically dampened Iso cell design which makes it quieter; this also makes it a favorite in home, offices and even spa therapy centers.

Most notable features

  •    State of the art Cold Diffusion technology
  •    Acoustically dampened Iso-Cell design
  •    Revolutionary nebulizer technology that atomizes the essential oil in a micro-fine vapor
  •    Built in filter that keeps the dust out and the air clean
  •    No water or heat
  •    Bottle top quick change system that ensures oil changes without mixes or spills


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3. Aroma infinity essential oil atomizing diffuser



Power Source: Wall plug, USB port, and rechargeable battery

Coverage: 700 to 800 square feet

Accessories: None listed



The Aroma infinity is fitted with a digital timer that has intermittent options. It is important to note that a manual timer will not work with this diffuser because it is turned on manually. Using the cold diffusion technology to circulate the micro-molecular essential oil vapor into the air, it is portable and self-contained.

It comes with a Lithium battery which will run for 6 hours continuously and 12 hours intermittently. The battery is replaceable and is safe to charge even when the diffuser is in use (although it is always best to charge the battery completely before use).

Most notable features

  •    Advanced cold diffusion technology
  •    Digital timer with four intermittent options
  •    Portable, self-contained and quiet
  •    Easy to deep clean
  •    No water or heat


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4. Aroma big bundle (Includes 4 extra atomizers, one timer, 1 silencer and Viaje allergy relief pack)



Power Source: Wall plug

Coverage: 1000 to 1500 square feet

Accessories: 4 Extra atomizers, one aroma timer, 1 Aroma silence and vile allergy relief pack


The Aroma big bundle includes the Aroma Ace diffuser which utilizes advanced cold diffusion technology to preserve the raw essence of the oil and disperse it in a micro-fine vapor. It uses the quick change system which allows you to swipe oils in seconds.

The aroma timer can be programmed on a daily basis depending on your preferences while the Aroma silencer reduces the noise of the diffuser by a significant level. Viaje allergy relief pack has three essential oils in 15 ml: Lavender, lemon, and peppermint. There is an additional allergy essential oil diffuser recipe card.

Most notable features

  •    New cold diffusion technology
  •    It maximizes the therapeutic advantages of the essential oils
  •    Original chemical composition of oils is maintained
  •    Produces the core oils in a micro-fine vapor for easy absorption by the body
  •    Patented quick change system
  •    Easy to clean
  •    No water or heat


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5. Aroma Express Essential Oil atomizing diffuser



Power Source: Wall plug, USB port, and rechargeable battery

Coverage: 600 square feet

Accessories: None were listed


The size of this diffuser makes it an attractive choice because of its portability. Mug sized and handy, it can be discretely placed in any environment: a car or small office. It utilizes the cold diffusion technology allowing the bioavailable molecules of the essential oils to circulate.  Unfortunately, it also does not work with an external timer because it is powered manually.

Most notable features

  •    Advanced cold diffusion technology
  •    Self-contained, portable and quiet
  •    Rechargeable lithium battery with 6 hours of continuous use and 12 hours of intermittent use
  •    Digital timer with periodic options
  •    Universal USB wire
  •    Easy to clean
  •    No water or heat


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Aromatherapy will always have a place in our society. Such is the amazing effect of scents that they have a found a place in the medical field working alongside other therapies. A well-placed diffuser will have you reaping the benefits of essential oils that you have long sought.


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