Best Essential Oil For Allergies in 2017

Millions of people around the globe are disturbed by allergic infections. The infection can sometimes be too severe that it feels as if there can never be a means to relieve your situation, or there is no way out of the misery. The good news is that essential oils for allergies will not only ease your situation but also stop the allergic symptoms altogether.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is an overactive immune response in your body to certain substances that are usually harmless. The reaction of the immune system is to release histamine, causes inflammation and irritation in your airways, eyes, ears and skin.  What happens is that when allergy-causing substances biologically called allergens passes your nose, they come into contact with your immune system. For people who are “allergic,” the allergen is mistakenly seen as a threat which prompts white blood cells to release histamine to protect the body from further invasion. This protection comes in the form of swelling and inflammation and the leakage of fluid, and in fact, it is the way our bodies protects us from further invasion.

Types of allergies

Depending on the allergy-causing substances also referred to as allergens there are several types of allergies that one can have. Before describing the types of allergies, I will give a highlight on the common allergens which includes dust, Pet dander, pollen, medications, insect stings or bites, certain foods and mold. Having known the common allergens below is are the common types of allergies,

  •    Seasonal allergies

Example of seasonal allergies is hay fever which is caused by pollen, grass, weed, and molds

  •    Cat and dog dander allergies

This type of allergy is mainly caused by substances in pet’s hair and fur

  •    Food allergies

The allergy results from certain food foods including nuts, shellfish, and dairy products.

What are allergy symptoms?

Allergy symptoms are annoying, but it is the only way to alert our immune system there is an allergen or intruder in our bodies. The following are the symptoms of allergy:

  •    Sneezing
  •    Runny or bleeding nose.
  •    Dry, itchy, or watery eyes.
  •     Hives.
  •     Vomiting
  •     Nausea or headaches
  •     Seizures

We all know how annoying the symptoms of allergies are, but essential oils are a great option for treating symptoms. Moreover, essential oils for allergies will help detoxify your body and fight infections, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms and harmful toxins. They also reduce the body’s susceptibility to outside sources. We will help you narrow down your options by listing out the best essential oils for allergies:


#8) Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil


Grown in warm climates, lemongrass has a scent similar to lemons. Inhaling a lemongrass infusion can help reduce inflammatory complications in the respiratory tract. Moreover, compounds in lemongrass essential oil have an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect which makes its inhalation reduce an overactive immune response in the body.


  • Can help reduce skin inflammation and fungal infections
  • Can be used as a muscle and tendon relaxer
  • It is also used to treat heartburn and indigestion

Why Buy This Product

Lemongrass essential oil is a natural anti-allergy treatment for getting rid of allergy symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, and a stuffy or a runny nose.

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#7) Lemon oil

lemon essential oil


Lemon oil is one of the most popular oils, as it has excellent qualities and also smells great. The oil is a product of cold pressing from lemon rinds to give a strong final product. Lemon oil is most notable for its ability to cleanse toxins from any part of the body and through diffusion, it treats the allergy symptoms.


  •    Used for purification
  •    Used for nausea relief
  •    Improves digestion
  •    Promotes weight loss
  •     Can a relief cough

Why Buy This Product

The lemon essential oil is handy at all times even at adverse symptoms the diffuse the lemon oil and it will lessen the allergy symptoms.


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#6) Clove Oil



Clove oil is sweet and spicy with a fruit scent. The oil has analgesic qualities and is warming and enhancing. Its antimicrobial properties can disinfect germs, destroy mites, and boost your immune system.


  •    Maintaining general mouth health by using a mouthwash
  •    Use in a diffuser
  •    As a food flavoring
  •     As massage oil and lotion
  •    Easing allergic symptoms


Why Buy This Product

Clove oil has anti-inflammatory effects and has eugenol compounds that can help to inhibit inflammatory responses and can help in treating asthma and allergic rhinitis. To boost their anti-allergy effect, clove essential oil can be used along with other essential oils to reduce allergic reactions.

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#5) Eucalyptus oil 

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil


Eucalyptus Globulus Oil has medicinal and penetrating properties. Along with many other uses, it can also be used as an essential oil for allergies. Eucalyptus inhibits the growth of microorganisms because of its anti-microbial properties.


  •   It is mostly diffused to support the respiratory system.
  •   Its aromatic influences help to promote feelings of health and well-being.
  •    Used for steam inhalation
  •    Used as a chest rub
  •    Used as a massage oil
  •    Used to ease allergy symptoms
  •    Get rid of molds and dust causing mites


Why Buy This Product

Compounds in eucalyptus oil have a cooling effect on nerves in your body in a way that if you are suffering from seasonal allergies or asthma attacks, you can use steam inhalation with eucalyptus essential oil to get relief from the allergy symptoms.

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#4) Frankincense Oil


Frankincense Essential Oil


For thousands of years, when talking about frankincense most people’s go directly to the three wise men. Despite the thought, many people have turned to frankincense for relief. This essential oil is helpful in relieving chronic stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, as well as managing pain. But like many other essential oils, frankincense has anti-inflammatory benefits and can help both reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.


  •    Digestive system to properly detox
  •    Reduces pain and cramping in the stomach
  •    Relieves nausea
  •    Flushes out excess water from the abdomen that can cause bloating
  •    Treat allergic reactions


Why Buy This Product

Using a combination of frankincense essential oil can ultimately help to reduce symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Also, frankincense contains a compound called alpha-pinene which reduces allergic symptoms making it the best essential oil for allergies.

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#3)  Tea tree


Tea Tree Healing Natural Oils - Tea Tree


Extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia of the Myrtaceae family, Tea Tree is beneficial for allergy prevention. This oil reduces the redness and the circumference of an allergic reaction. However, this oil should never be ingested.


  •    Utilized in a diffuser
  •    Useful during massage
  •    Used in facial massage
  •    Kills and repels lice and their eggs.

Why Buy This Product

Tea tree works best without a combination of other oils and still, give efficient allergy symptoms relief results.

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#2) Lavender oil

lavender essential oil


It is well-known as a natural cure for headaches but can also be used to treat allergic skin reactions, insect bites, and hives. Lavender oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal essential oil to treat asthma.


  •    Soothes inflamed skin
  •    Relieves coughing, sneezing, or wheezing
  •    Treats asthma

Why Buy This Product

Lavender oil is a prime option for treating yourself because of its natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

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#1) Peppermint oil

Peppermint Essential Oil


Peppermint oil is highly recommended for those struggling with allergies, asthma, or bronchitis; this oil will minimize inflammation while promoting the feeling of relaxed breathing through open airways especially for those struggling with congestion.


  •    It supports healthy respiratory
  •    Promotes immune function
  •    Supports musculoskeletal systems.

Why Buy This Product

Peppermint oil can help to quickly clear blocked sinuses and ease nasal congestion caused by allergies making it the best essential oil for allergies. It can be diffused or ingested.


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Regardless of the type of allergy you or your loved one may have, the above essential oils can be used to alleviate not only symptoms but also cure the condition. Compared with the rest, Peppermint oil stands out as the best essential oil for allergies in both quality and use. It can also be used as a remedy to other conditions such as asthma or bronchitis. Call or email us to place your order today.


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