Best Essential Oil For Migraines in 2017

Occasionally, you will be experiencing the dreaded pain of migraines. Although it might be a little thing, it is tough to overcome especially if it continues for a long time.

Some people who only experience headaches or a migraine infrequently, due to late night drinking or poor eating choices, take simple solutions like ibuprofen or Excedrin Migraine.

But if you experience a chronic headache or a migraine, you must research on how to deal with this problem.

A way to ease the pain is using essential oils. Essential oils have been utilized for a long time due to their therapeutic and healing properties, creating a process called “aromatherapy.” They are extracted from leaves, stems, or roots of plants that have medicinal and health properties. These are used for physiological and psychological treatment, a good way to treat a simple pain for a lower price.

Aromatherapy is a good way to ease one’s migraine or a headache through giving maximum relief and comfort. Also, they are used to fight nausea and help one relax, and to sleep.  

Scouring the internet for a solution might take forever, and even further develop your headache. Luckily, we have research on the best essential oils for migraines.

Fair warning, some essential oils cause ‘triggers’ to some users. Let our list be your guide in choosing the best oil that will fit your need because everyone responds differently to various essential oils. You might need to buy different kinds and experiment on which you prefer. You might be surprised with your choice at the end of the day. Some essential oils can be combined to produce a different aroma that can help ease your migraines.

What are essential oils?

You might think these are the same from the oils that we are used to. But these oils evaporate quickly and have a very light texture. These are extracted from different parts of a plant including flowers, seeds, bark, roots, leaves, wood, balsam, and resin. Some of these oils can be applied directly, but some are diffused for its smell.



This essential oil helps calm and soothe dry, scratchy throats. You might think it won’t help your migraine, but we beg to differ. This essential oil for a migraine has calming properties and positive effect on human immune and nervous system. It will surely bring you relief for a long time.

Marjoram is known to be beneficial not just for its soothing effects, but also for our brain health. Strengthens and fortifies our brain tissues to help it stay strong for a long time.  

Users of this product are satisfied with this essential oil. They attest that it is great to soothe many ailments and keeps them calm and relax especially when sleeping.

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This Melissa essential oil for a migraine lifts one’s spirit and will surely instill optimism, all that what’s needed to cure that headache! It calms the nerves in our brain and helps to ease the pain caused by headaches and migraines.

Also, it helps to reduce the symptoms of colds and flu by relieving congestion and calming a cough.

Another great product from its manufacturer, users of this product are amazed of this outcome. It calmed their nasty cough and stopped their nasty headache. Also, they bragged that the oil has many uses and highly recommend to their friends and relatives.

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This oil boasts about its aroma as soft as warm as the name exudes, this gives off a uniquely personal fragrance through a diverse blend of essential oils that provides a warming, musky aroma. It promises to entice and intrigue your senses.

The blend includes the most precious flowers and perfume and aromatherapy industries such as Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, together with the warm and spicy scents of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Bergamot, Ladanum, Vetiver, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Rose essential oils.

It calms one’s emotion throughout the day. Just dispense one to two drops in the palm, and rub on your clothing and it will surely relax your senses and de-stress you.

A user said that this has an ‘intoxicating’ scent, which made him/her a real head turner. It reminds them of their childhood and evokes childhood memories. People want to buy their scent to give to their better half.

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A proud product of Starwest Botanicals, this essential oil for migraines has a different scent from the bunch. It gives off this beautiful and incredibly fragrant, spicy, woody scent. It is also useful for pulmonary, urinary, and female reproductive complaints.

You can also use this in a compress, lotions, massage oil, baths, fragrances, and a diffuser.

Frankincense oil offers a variety of health benefits, including helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, boosting immunity and even potentially contributing to fight cancer.

This specific brand is to die for because users of this product had experience major relief when they are using this product. Aside from a migraine and headache, this helped them to ease their leg and back pain.




Another great product of Starwest Botanicals, this peppermint essential oil has a penetrating, crisp, grassy-mint odor and nice in blends. Aside from being a good essential oil for migraines, it also supports healthy respiratory and immune functions and musculoskeletal systems.

It promises to vitalize, uplifts, cool, and refreshers that are great to use in a diffuser, massage, bath, or as a great food flavoring.

Aside from its practical use to treat a chronic headache, users dispense this on their pillow, and it opens up their respiratory system even if it is too hot. Also, it helps them exterminate pests. Just a drop mixed with water will surely last a long time.

Peppermint oils are great to refresh and uplift that reduces mental fatigue and improves concentration. Also, it is an excellent tonic for the digestive system, which is helpful for gastric based headache and a good way to clear the respiratory track, easing symptoms of sinus blockage and other cold symptoms.

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A great product from Starwest Botanicals, this extract encourages relaxation throughout the body. It calms one’s mind, muscles, and nerves. It is also good for urination and detoxification of the body.

Aside from being a good essential oil for migraines, it relaxes irritability, depressions, nervous tension, and anger.

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lavender essential oil

A product from Healing Natural Oils, made from the highest quality French lavender that is 100% pure and natural. Harvested in France, and manufactured in the USA. The distributors promised a 90-day money back guarantee! What a steal, right?

Lavender oils have a relaxing effect on the nervous system together with the analgesic action; make an effective essential oil for migraines. It is a fantastic way to relieve your stress, calms one’s body and mind, creating harmony and tranquillity.  

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Now you have read our list; it is up to you to try and experiment with these essential oils. You can buy several ones at a time and try to mix it up to produce an aroma fitted to your needs. It is not a shame to try and experiment to get the best from your purchase.  


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