Best Essential Oil For Pain in 2017

Essential oils are used by medicine men to ease body pain since antiquity. You get the best of both worlds by having for its analgesic properties without the side effects. However, the best essential oils do relieve not only pain but also treat the underlying cause.

Essential oils for pain like peppermint ease muscle aches and reduce inflammation by improving blood circulation. Moreover, lavender essential oils do not only cure head and neck pain but also produce a relaxing effect to lessen your anxiety and stress. The two are the most popular right now but there are others also used to treat certain conditions.

In this article, you will find the best essential oils today and the wonders these do to your body.  These are affordable, and you can use these as healthier alternatives than conventional pharmaceutical analgesics.  


Healing Natural Oils – Lavender


lavender essential oil

This essential oil for pain does not need more introductions. Lavender works as a mild sedative to get rid of the underlying cause of the pain. Perhaps this is the reason why this essential oil is used in your trips to spa or massage. Healing Natural Oils offers a 100% pure lavender essential oil that has sold over 750,000 bottles since 2001. Expect natural smelling lavender devoid of any synthetic trace when you buy this product.

Fortunately, you do not need a carrier oil or to dilute lavender if you plan to use this. Lavender is mild enough as it is, making this safe for direct contact with your body. However, we still advise you to mix this with water or vinegar a bit if you have sensitive skin.

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doTERRA Marjoram Essential Oil


As one of the best essential oils in this article, marjoram is a relative of oregano that works as a potent pain reliever. Poised to treat your dry and itchy throat, doTERRA Marjoram Essential Oil also relieves other body pains. It has a relaxing effect that is known since the ancient times and is known as a symbol of joy and happiness.

This product improves various pains in your head, muscles and is used as a remedy for fever. Some studies even state that marjoram is effective in treating chronic neck pain. It is also effective in relieving toothache. Just apply this around your aching tooth after diluting this product with a carrier oil.

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Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil


Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil



Starwest Botanicals Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil has a camphor-like smell that relieves pain and supports your respiratory system. A favorite among science experiments, eucalyptus oil, is known first as an effective essential oil for pain. It is a very powerful decongestant that has anti-inflammatory properties that do not only work in your sinuses but also in your muscles.

Eucalyptus oil also has antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties that ease post-surgery pains. However, eucalyptus oil extract is a very potent essential oil. We advise you to dilute this in the carrier oil first before applying this to your skin, and this must not be ingested.

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Starwest Botanicals Peppermint Oil


Peppermint Essential Oil exudes a refreshing and grassy smell that comes from menthol. This active ingredient is known for easing tension in your head and muscles by improving blood circulation. Similar to eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil also works wonders in your sinuses through inhalation without the strong scent. In fact, Peppermint Essential Oil is a popular pain reliever among women for its fresh scent.

Beyond its pleasant smell, it is also useful in relaxing your bowels when ingested. However, we advise you seek professional help first should you decide to take this internally.


Starwest Botanicals Thyme Essential Oil


Do you usually suffer from menstrual cramps but your natural analgesics do not work? Perhaps, you should try essential oils to relieve the pain. Starwest Botanicals Thyme Essential Oil gives off a warm and spicy odor. In addition to its ability to relieve menstrual cramps, this also works for muscle and joint pains.

Thyme extracts contain carvacrol which inhibits the production of an enzyme called COX-2 which is responsible for inflammation. Its mechanism is the same with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs without the side effects. Moreover, it takes faster to feel its effects for since you directly apply this on your skin, making it one of the best essential oils.

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Starwest Botanicals Clary Sage Oil


Perhaps one of the lesser-known essential oils for pain in this article, clary sage oil eases menstrual cramps and menopausal pain. Starwest Botanicals Clary Sage Oil gets this on the plant species Salvia sclarea through distillation of the herbs. It gives off a sweet smell which is also perfect for blending with other essential oils or with a carrier oil.

Moreover, clary sage oil extract is also used for massages, baths, and lotions for its relaxing scent. Nonetheless, just apply this to your abdominal area when you are in pain, and you will see how it works. Unlike other essential oils for pain in this list, this cannot be taken internally.

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Starwest Botanicals Sandalwood Oil


Starwest Botanicals Sandalwood Oil is the most expensive in this list because of its rarity. However, its scarcity is backed up with its marvels in relieving pain and other health conditions. It is also useful for skeletal pain and menstrual cramps. Moreover, sandalwood oil alleviates pain coming from the urinary tract.  It also has relaxing effects, and may also be ingested through diffused droplets in your drinks.

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Starwest Botanicals Rosemary Oil


Starwest Botanicals Rosemary Oil’s mixture of rosemary leaf extract and virgin coconut oil creates a soothing effect on your muscles. It is rich in vitamins and minerals aside from being an essential oil for pain. You may inhale its vapors to alleviate your headache or massage this directly to your skin in case of muscle pains. On the other hand, virgin coconut oil has anti-microbial properties and is an excellent moisturizer for the skin.

Granted that rosemary oil is already infused with virgin coconut oil in this product, adding carrier oil will not be necessary in this case.

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Starwest Botanicals Juniper Oil  


Last but not certainly the least, Starwest Botanicals Juniper Oil relieves a lot of body pain including those associated with arthritis, hemorrhoids, and gout. It also has an astringent and detoxifying quality that works perfectly for the skin condition. Moreover, juniper oil is used in aromatherapy since it gives a woody scent.

We advise you to sit in a bath with droplets of this oil for 15-20 minutes to improve the condition of your hemorrhoids. You may also take this internally by mixing it with olive oil to treat indigestion and release stomach gasses. Nonetheless, you may use this simply as a pain reliever by blending it with a carrier oil.

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Starwest Botanicals Chamomile Oil


Starwest Botanicals Chamomile Oil boasts organic and quality chamomile flower extract for your pain relief. Chamomile treats a lot of health conditions but is most known for its analgesic properties. This essential oil’s relaxing qualities treats a headache, relieves muscle pain and lessens the nerve pain due to slipped discs.

Chamomile oil extract contains flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties, it may be an essential oil for pain, but it also works for curing some digestive disorders. You simply need to rub a mixture in your skin or drop some in your drink for immediate effect. In using Starwest Botanicals Chamomile Oil, just add several droplets to your favorite juice, and you are up to an all-natural way to relieve pain.

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Some Precautions


Essential oils for pain are potent and may produce an adverse reaction to your skin if applied directly. You should dilute this with carrying oil before use. A mixture of four droplets of essential oils for every tablespoon of carrying oil is advisable. Mixing different kinds is possible as long as you keep this proportion.

Lastly, we discourage use of essential oils for pregnant women and children unless permitted by a medical professional. Nonetheless, one must discover the wonders of having essential oils for pain in their household.


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