Best Essential Oil For Sleep in 2017

Due to heavy workload throughout the day, some people easily sleep when they reach their beds. However, some people have problems in sleeping. Often, they roll on every side possible finding the ‘perfect’ spot for them to rest and try to catch some sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

A hard reality is some hardworking people are experiencing sleep apnea. It is potentially dangerous sleep disorder characterized by regular pauses in breathing or shallow breaths as you sleep.  The breaks can occur up to 30 times each hour and can last from a few seconds to minutes, followed by a low snorting or a choking sound. Although it might be common, it is still dangerous.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea, or just can’t sleep immediately, it is advisable to seek medical advice; the first step is trying to use essential oils that can regulate your sleep.

Yes, there are many essential oils for sleep that you can use; the trick is finding the best essential oil that your body likes. We are all different individuals, and oil might work for me, but not for you.

Finding the best oil for you can be a trial and error process, you can even combine several oils at a time to find if it works, but when they do, your life will never be the same.



First, this essential oil for sleep is manufactured and distributed by Starwest Botanicals, which had produced several big essential oils for the industry. People have been a long-time fan of their products for a long time, and swear they are effective every time they are using them.

This oil has an earthy, woody smell that is undoubtedly aromatic and pleases your nostrils. It can calm your brain after a busy work day. You can use it as a topic, or put in a diffuser. You can mix it with other oils to make a unique fragrance.

Aside from being a great essential for sleep, you can also use this as an excellent insect repellent.

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Marjoram oils do beautiful works for your muscle and joints; it is also a help to create a peaceful sleep.

Users are happy when they use this product, especially since marjoram can aide several ailments over time.

Marjoram could be uncommon to many, but slowly rising to the scene especially when it proves to help several ailments.

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This essential oil for sleep is excellent due to its rich, woodsy oil that can be used for a long time because you only use a few drops at a time.

It is a valuable oil that helps the urinary tract complaints and for feelings of apathy.

Sandalwood can calm your nerves and start your good night’s sleep. You will be surprised on how refreshed you will feel the day after you have used this product.

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Another great product from Starwest Botanicals, this oil is made from a citrus fruit, and the oil itself is cold-pressed from the rind or peel. Although citrus oils, like grapefruit or wild orange, have a weird stimulating effect, bergamot is different, this has a calming effect and balances your emotions that can surely put you to sleep.

It is also known to be a digestive aid and helps one from oiliness and blemishes. It is also great to uplift and soothes one’s spirit. You can use it as a perfume, or in a diffuser, for baths, massages, and blends.

Those who have tried this product are amazed at the great scent. They have made this into their fragrance for everyday use, and they love it.

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This essential oil for sleep is an excellent choice if you want to improve your sleep’s quality. It has a flowery and bit fruity smell that will surely knock you out in no time.

For this brand, they have added a spicy and exotic scent that promises to relax and arouse the use. It can be utilized as a sedative and aphrodisiac. You can use this as a perfume, or in your diffuser, bath, and massages.

Users are enticed to use this product frequently, probably because it gives off an exotic aroma that excites them whenever they are using it. Their friends are intrigued in their fragrance; little did they know it is an essential oil – with an added benefit!

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You might know it as a good tea substitute, but little did you know it is a good for your body and sleep too! Use a little and know how much it can change your life.

The chamomile essential oil is best known to calm, soothe, and relax one’s body. It has a scent of light and floral and can create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.

Few drops of this oil will come a long way; users are proud that they own this, especially due to the great customer service response from the team that handles this product.

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Vetiver is an excellent essential oil for sleep. Made from the roots of the plant, it has a rich and earthy smell. It can be used as your brain’s relaxes especially during those hectic nights or just simply can’t sleep.

It has a strong smell, you can probably mix it up with lavender or chamomile, but nonetheless, it is a great essential oil.

It can stop your irritability, anger, and hysteria, and it can balance your hormonal system, and relax you further.

Users of this product are really happy due to its quality. In StarWest Botanicals, you can be assured that the oils you buy are top notch.


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Lavender is heaven sent, and probably the best essential oil available out there. Lavender oils are known since time began, and through extensive research, the effectiveness and it is very extensive!

Some studies have revealed that inhalation of lavender and other essentials oils improve one sleep in no time! It is an impressive thing to add in your sleep regimen. You will surely have a good night’s sleep with this one.

This brand is made from 100% natural lavender oil so you can be sure that you will get the best deal possible.

Aside from the excellent quality from its manufacturer, the users brag that the customer representative is really welcoming and were catering to their needs from ordering up to the shipping of the orders.

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These essential oils for sleep will surely give you pleasant and long hours of comfortable sleep. Try some of these and experiment and find the products that will surely soothe you and your sleep.

It is better to find an oil that will not only help you in sleeping but cure several ailments without triggering anything from your body. These can be an initial way to fix your sleep slowly and probably heal your sleep apnea. Although this will not cure your apnea, this can help to lessen it.

These aromatherapy products can probably decrease your medical bills and hospitalization, start from these simple oils and feel if it is improving, if not, contact your doctors immediately and ask for medical advice.


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