Best Essential Oil For Weight Loss in 2017

Weight loss is one of the most popular fitness goals that people do today especially for those who are quite obese. For some people, it’s a rather difficult challenge to overcome because it takes lots of discipline and willpower to be able to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how you can shed those excess pounds and also share with you essential oils reviews to aid you in losing weight.

What is in shedding a pound or two?

In the context of medicine or health, weight loss is defined as a reduction of the total body mass resulting to average loss of fluid and body fat; this also extends to muscles, tendons, and connective tissue as well as bone mineral deposits. Weight loss can occur as a result of malnutrition or intentionally as a result of concerted efforts.

Let’s face it, if losing weight was easy to do, then all the women would be a perfect ten and men would be lean with no body fat, and all chiseled out like Hercules himself.

When it comes to losing weight, here is our suggested threefold approach.

1) Research and decide on an effective workout regimen that is suitable for you

It could be a weight program, a jogging schedule, aerobic program or simply a walking routine; you don’t necessarily need professional advice from a trainer, but of course, it’s also advisable. The important thing is that you choose something that you can do and get started.

  1. Good moral support is essential

Share your goal of shedding those pounds with people who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated. Select the person carefully because you want someone who will be on your side when the going gets tough, and you start slouching or get lazy (your trainer should be one of these people).

  1. Nutrition is paramount especially if you are overweight

It is imperative to understand that none of the above in its singular form can yield the weight loss you desire. Don’t cut out food entirely but eat healthily. Should you take on these three points simultaneously, you will enjoy the complimentary results of the discipline that comes with a regular workout, the moral support of family and friends and the nutrition that will lead to a healthier you.

  1. I know what you’re thinking! What’s with number four? Well, this point is the one that is usually overlooked in the epic battle of losing weight: the use of essential oils! What place do essential oils have in losing weight? Can they help? The answer is a resounding YES.

Let’s start by defining essential oil

It is a hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from the plant from which it was extracted. For example, peppermint essential oil is an extract from the peppermint herb.

They are known as essential oils because the extract contains the “essence” of the plant: its distinct aroma, healing compounds and medicinal properties unique to that particular herb.

In ancient times, the Chinese, Greeks, Indian and Romans were known to use essential oils for spiritual, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Although slow, science and modern technology has caught on and is helping to unlock the physiological benefits of essential oils further.

It is now known that Aromatherapy’s healing qualities are attributed to its medicinal compounds in essential oils. Aromatherapy is known to activate parts of the brain producing benefits in overall wellness.

The human nose can detect one trillion different odors while the olfactory glands are capable of almost immediate interaction with the brain’s amygdala and hippocampus where memories and emotions lie. Brain receptors that control blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, pleasure, motivation and attention span can be affected by inhaling molecules through the nose.

Incorporating essential oils in your workout program could be the missing piece to your weight loss jigsaw puzzle.

Allow us to introduce you to the best essential oils for weight loss in 2017


#6 Starwest Botanical fennel oil



Fennel essential oil is steam distilled from fennel crushed seed.

Some of its benefits include the following:

  • Most restful sleep
  • Reduces weight gain
  • Suppresses weight gain
  • Improves digestion.


A distinct feature of fennel seeds is their pleasant, sweet and earthy smell. In the old times, they were consumed to suppress appetite during fasting periods. This fact has gathered support from the scientific community through a studies on aromatherapy performed on rats.

It was revealed that fewer calories were consumed and the rate of food absorption was higher when the rats were exposed to and inhaled fennel for 10 minutes twice a day for a period of 8 weeks.

The bioactive ingredient in fennel seed is melatonin which has been to found to reduce weight gain by creating fat that burns off as energy as opposed to fat that get stored by the body. Melatonin is also the hormone that naturally regulates the daily wake up cycle of the brain.

If the benefits of fennel essential oil are something you prefer, the best brand for guaranteed quality would be Star west Botanicals fennel essential oil. Their track record and in essentials oils is unmatched.

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#5 Starwest Botanical Bergamont oil



Bergamot essential oil is cold pressed oil produced from the rind of the bergamot citrus fruit.


  •    Boost mood
  •    Increases energy.


It has an amazing fragrance commonly used as a top note in luxury perfumes.

The vice of emotional eating is usually a symptom of deep-rooted anxiety and depression. Bergamot is an efficient and pleasant solution to breaking that vicious cycle. The effects of aromatherapy using bergamot essential oil, revealed that exposure to 15 minutes of bergamot aromatherapy increased positive emotions and energy.

The experts have found that when you inhale bergamot oil, you have significantly lower cortisol (the hormone released when you are stressed) than those who don’t. Stress has been proven to contribute to weight gain.

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 #4 Starwest Botanical Cinnamon oil


Cinnamon essential oil is obtained from roughly pounding the cinnamon bark which is then macerated in sea water. The whole mixture is then quickly distilled to get the oil.


  •    Reduce inflammation
  •    Regulate blood sugar levels
  •    Improves insulin sensitivity


Cinnamon has a pleasant and invigorating sweet, warm scent. The extract is known to heighten insulin sensitivity and increase the rate of blood glucose uptake.

Insulin is responsible for metabolizing carbohydrates and fats by facilitating the absorption of blood glucose and then converts it either as energy or storing it as fat. If body cells stop responding to insulin, the body develops a condition called insulin resistance.

The body erroneously starts storing fat instead of burning it. The results of this complication are weight gain and difficulty in losing weight. This condition will trigger high blood sugar and elevated blood insulin levels. It is a harbinger of type2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A huge percentage of people are affected by metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndromes are simply defined as a cluster of at least three of the below five conditions.

  •    Abdominal obesity
  •    Elevated blood pressure
  •    Elevated fasting plasma glucose
  •    High serum triglycerides
  •    Low high density lipoprotein. (HDL)

Some inflammatory cells have been identified in the body fat of people who are genetically obese. Cinnamon extract has the capability to inhibit the production of these molecules. These are vital advances in the prevention of weight gain before it even starts.

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#3 Starwest Botanical peppermint oil


Peppermint oil is extracted from a plant above ground through steam distillation


  •    Elevates mood
  •    Aids digestion
  •    Reduces appetite
  •    Increase energy and mental alertness.


Known for its cool, fresh, sharp and minty smell studies have shown that volunteers who inhaled the peppermint aroma vs. Ylang Ylang were more alertness, calmer and had improved memory function.

Peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant that lowers hunger level resulting in significantly lower calories consumed.  A 2008 study called effects of peppermint scent on appetite control and caloric intake revealed inhaling peppermint oil every two hours eliminated cravings and the urge to eat.

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#2) Lemon healing natural oils


lemon essential oil

This oil is cold pressed from lemon peels.


  •    Suppresses weigh gain
  •    Mood enhancer
  •    Relieves pain
  •    Increase energy


The scent is tantalizing with an intangible distant sourness.

Limonene is compound in lemons that has fat dissolving ability. Lemon oil aromatherapy is effective in alleviating depressed or negative feelings.

It also has the ability to improve the heart rate, cognitive function, and blood flow which in turn makes the muscles work faster and better. It achieves this by raising the levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine which in turn increases oxygen and triggers the aforementioned effects.

As a pain reliever, lemon oil will ensure those aches and pains from working out are soothed so that you are ready for that next work out session. The best brand to look out for when buying lemon oil is Amoils lemon essential oil.  

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#1 Starwest Botanical grapefruit oil


Grapefruit essential oil is in its peels and is extracted by compression.


  •    Boosts metabolism
  •    Reduces abdominal fat accumulation
  •    Increases energy endurance


The scent of this essential oil is sweet, crisp and pleasant. Limonene, the primary component in grapefruit is thought to induce liposys.

Liposys is the breaking down of body fats, proteins and dissolving them. Exposure to grapefruit for 15 minute interval three times a week has been proven to reduce appetite and induce weight loss.

Another distinct component in grape fruit is nootkatone.

The body’s metabolic rate and energy levels are stimulated by an enzyme. Nootkatone has the ability to stimulate this enzyme and once stimulated it accelerates chemical reactions in the tissue of the brain, liver, and skeletal muscle, resulting in increased endurance, decrease in body fat, reduced weight gain and better physical performance.

Starwest Botanicals grapefruit essential oil is one of the best brands for grapefruit oils.

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If weight loss is difficult for you, whether due to an eating disorder, genetic makeup, hormonal imbalance or any other causes, we highly recommend that you keep exercising, maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Most importantly, add an essential oil or two that suit your profile to your workout regimen. The results could be astonishing!


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