Best Essential Oils For Colds in 2017

Winter comes to the Southern Hemisphere around June, July and August before heading to the Northern Hemisphere in November, December and ending around February. Countries like Botswana, Rwanda, Maldives, Argentina and even Indonesia fall within the Southern Hemisphere while Russia and the UK among others lie on the northern side.

Regardless of your location, colds and flu are synonymous with this season. Among the tried and tested methods of treatment for flu is the use of essential oils for colds. Finding the right one, however, is the hard part, which is why we will review the best essential oils for cold and flu in this blog post.

So let us start by defining essential oils

These are natural oils extracted from plants by the process of distillations. Most of the oils have been extracted from the following:

  • Flowers
  • Barks
  • Leaves
  • Stems
  • Seeds
  • roots

Essential oils are made of volatile aromatic compounds that change form from liquid or solid to gas when released in room temperature. These compounds are small organic molecules which can move through the air and get assimilated by your sensory organs.

How do essential oils work?

These tiny molecules are easily absorbed by your skin and into the blood stream transporting them to areas of the body to alleviate flu symptoms. They can be administered either through applying it directly to the skin or breathing it, some people also gurgle it.


Finding the best essential oils for colds

The best essential oils for colds and flu should fall in these three categories of essential oils: Preventative, Immuno – modulating and depurative essential oils.

Preventative essential oils: These are oils with anti-microbial abilities. They can kill certain organisms that cause infections and illnesses.

Immuno-modulating essential oils: These oils stimulate the body’s immune functions and boost the body’s immunity.

Depurative essential oils: These oils are responsible for removing toxins and disease carrying pathogens from the body. By cleaning out your system they speed up your recovery process.


Here are our top 9 picks of essential oils that will help you beat the cold and flu of the winter season:


#9 doTERRA On Guard protective blend




The doTERRA On Guard protective blend essential oil is a powerful blend of oils that promote a healthy immune system. As one of the most popular options in the doTERRA line of essential oils, this offering has cleansing properties and infuses you with energy while lifting your mood.


Types of essential oils present:

Immuno – modulating oils:  The eucalyptus leaf combined with the cinnamon boosts the body’s immunity and strengthens its immune functions. It agitates various parts of your immune system to stimulate protection.

Depurative oils: The wild orange peel cleanses your system and flushes out the toxins giving you a speedy recovery

Preventative oils: The clove bud and rosemary leaf act as soldiers and kill any lurking flu-causing viruses. The most powerful preventative essential oil has always been cinnamon, and its presence allows this blend to protect you adequately.


Why Buy This Product:

This blend has received thumbs up from many consumers because it is very effective. If the ingredients are anything to go by you will be efficiently protected during the flu season.

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#8) Rosemary Starwest Botanicals Rosemary Oils




This product is made with organic rosemary leaf of the highest quality and extra virgin organic olive oil. As an infused herbal oil (oil that has been steeped for extended periods of time in botanicals until the oil takes on the properties of the herb), this oil has taken on the protective properties of rosemary.  It is a great oil for a rub down as it soothes and relaxes your muscles.

Types of essential oils present:

Preventative oil:  Rosemary is an excellent ingredient in fighting illness or infections like the cold and flu. Since essential oils can enter the body through the skin and be transported through the blood stream, applying oils infused with rosemary allows the herbs properties to be absorbed and to prevent the spread and growth of infection carrying microorganisms.

Depurative oil: Rosemary is very soothing and has great healing properties. It will detoxify and cleanse your system of bacteria that bring infections.

Why Buy This Product:

Without calling into question the fact that the only essential oil ingredient in this oil is rosemary, rosemary is an incredible herb that will prevent and protect your body from cold and flu attacks.

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#7 Eucalyptus Starwest Botanical Frankincense Oil




The camphor-like scent of eucalyptus is very much associated with healing and purification. It is very penetrating and invigorating when inhaled and has a sting when applied to the skin.  You can place it in an essential oil diffuser for better inhalation or infuse it in a massage oil or ointment for a rub down.

One can also put a few drops into the bath water or steam room to enjoy its effects luxuriously.


Types of essential oils present:

Depurative Oil: Eucalyptus is well known for its cleansing properties. It flushes out toxins and waste from the body leaving your body detoxified and invigorated. This cleansing allows your better blood flow as well as improving lymph drainage.

Preventative Oil: Eucalyptus also doubles up as an antimicrobial essential oil. It has antibacterial properties which allow it to fight infection.

Immuno –modulating oil: Frankincense (also called Olibanum) is a powerful immune boosting essential oil. It aids the immune system in the fighting of infection carrying organisms that cause colds and the flu by activating it. It also reduces the pain and inflammation that comes with colds.

Why Buy This Product:

The combination of eucalyptus and frankincense in this product entirely encompass the three essential types of essential oils needed to combat the flu and the cold.

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#6) Lemon essential oil




This product is made from organically real high-quality California lemon harvested in the US where the essential oil is cold pressed from the peel of the California lemon. Lemon essential oils are the most favored for their fragrant smell and healing properties.


Types of essential oils present:


Preventative oil: lemon has antibacterial properties that once ingested or inhaled begin to combat the cold or flu immediately. This oil prevents the spread bacteria that cause illnesses and infections. It can be used with no adverse effects.

Depurative Oil: Lemon is a healer that helps the body to mend after an illness. It will restore the body to its proper equilibrium after a cold or flu beginning by invigorating you and reducing the pain and discomfort of the infection.

Why Buy This Product:

Lemon is a versatile essential oil. As such it can double up as a preventative and depurative oil. It is strong in both capacities allowing for quick healing and keeping you invigorated.

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#5 Thyme Starwest Botanical Thyme Essential oil




Thyme is the perfect essential oil for pain relief. It works wonders for respiratory complaints making it ideal for dealing with cold and flu discomforts. It also alleviates muscular and joint inflammation rapidly.


Types of essential oils present:

Depurative oil: The healing properties of thyme allow you to recover from a cold or flu quickly. It works by detoxifying and purifying your body of the germs causing the flu.

Preventative oil: Thyme is both a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herb. In studies carried out on it, thyme was found to combat a myriad of bacteria like staphylococcus.

Why Buy This Product:

Powerful in fighting the germs and preventing them from spreading, thyme is highly recommended during the cold and flu season. However, care must be taken because it is highly irritating and can cause allergic reactions.

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#4) Peppermint Starwest Botanicals Peppermint oils




Peppermint is well renowned for its anti bacterial properties that come coupled with a minty, fresh and uplifting feeling. Bright in color, it is used in food, sweets, and even medicines to give an invigorating essence.


Types of essential oils present:

Preventative oil: This product is made mainly from peppermint which is a strong anti-viral and anti bacterial herb.  It will block the spread and growth of the germs keeping the flu at bay.

Immuno-modulating oil: Peppermint provides a significant boost to your immune system. The menthol and camphor contained in peppermint are resistant to infection carrying strains of bacteria.

Why Buy This Product:

Peppermint has been used for treating colds and flu during ancient times in Europe. The Peppermint Starwest Botanicals Peppermint oil is made from adamant essential oil that effectively fights infections: Peppermint.

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# 3) Lavender Healing Natural Oils


lavender essential oil



Sweet smelling yet powerful is the best way to describe Lavender. It works well in an essential oil diffuser which allows you to control just how much you want to inhale. This product smells great in keeping with the lavender scent


Types of essential oils present:

Preventative oil: As an antimicrobial, it acts directly on the bacteria or virus destroying it. It has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities which help in treating infections.

Immuno – modulating oil: Lavender feeds and strengthens the immune system combating the spread of severe infections. Regular application or use of lavender can help your body develop a resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Depurative oil: The soothing and calming properties of lavender allow it restore your body back to its proper equilibrium. It helps in speeding up the healing process after an illness or infection.

Why Buy This Product:

This product is effective in soothing you in a highly stressful situation like when down with the flu while also helping boost your body’s immune system and combating infections once the germs enter your body.

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#2) Pine Starwest Botanicals Pine Essential Oils




This product has a woody fragrance that is very appealing.  Most users like to place it in a diffuser to allow the scent to permeate the room. It is very restorative and calming giving the feel of the outdoors.


Types of essential oils present:

Depurative oil: Pine is very healing and purifying. It is used in aromatherapy because it opens up your respiratory system and allows healthy blood flow to the lungs, this makes it an excellent remedy for the cold and flu.

Immuno – modulating oil: Because pine is a purifying agent it allows blood flow to the immune system boosting its ability to fight infections.

Why Buy This Product:

This product takes you back into the outdoors and gives the essence of fresh air and health. It is a perfect choice for the cold season purifying your body and boosting your immunity.

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#1) Tea tree Healing Natural oil


Tea Tree Healing Natural Oils - Tea Tree



Tea tree is among the top anti viral, anti bacterial and anti microbial essential oils on the market today. It owes its popularity to the fact that it is one of the few essential oils with all these properties that you can apply directly to your skin with no adverse irritation or allergic reaction.


Types of essential oils present:

Preventative oil: Tea tree is a powerful antibacterial essential oil that combats over 90% of bacterial and viral infections. It not only prevents the spread of infections it destroys the microorganism responsible for the infection in the first place.

Immuno –modulating oil: The tea tree essential oil boosts your immunity and immune functions which help the body to form a barrier against cold and flu infections.

Depurative oil: Tea tree will heal from the inside. The essential oil invigorates and uplifts while detoxifying your body and purifying your system. When topically applied it is quickly absorbed into the body and begins the process of cleansing your system.

Why Buy This Product:

One of the strongest products on the market, the tea tree healing natural oil is a reliable ally when facing the cold and flu season. It will protect heal and cleanse you of all germs and toxins.

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Essential oils have healed and protected us from time in memorial, and they will continue to be with us for a long time to come. Now when the cold season comes around, you know just which essential oil to grab to feel better.


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