Doterra Essential Oils Review in 2017

The use of essential oils to treat various medical conditions has been documented since the ancient times. Today, many companies grab the opportunity to sell essential oils and add something to their offerings to make it unique. Essential oil products are practically everywhere, and you might be confused as to the brand you should buy. Remember that not all of these products are created equally.

Then there comes dōTerra. It is one of the more known essential oils companies today despite being established less than ten years ago. DōTerra also claims to be the market leader and said to have superior essential oils against their competitors. While we can say their products are great, we have some reservations in our dōTerra essential oils review.

What is DōTerra?

Their company name is derived from the Latin word “dōTerra” which means gift of the Earth. It was founded in early 2008 with a vision of bringing a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the market. While they do not personally grow their herbs, the company sourced these products from other parts of the globe, especially in developing countries.

The company sees this as a corporate social responsibility move as they want to improve lives and communities from where they are outsourcing the ingredients. They develop partnerships with local families and pay them just and timely, at least according to their claims. To ensure quality from their imports, dōTerra works hand in hand with them and even provide them proper training, resources, and tools for planting.

Examining the dōTerra Essential Oils Kit

DōTerra offers various essential oils, but it has a kit in which you can buy ten bottles packed in a box, this is frankly practical if you want to experience different kinds of essential oils without spending too much. Other than that, these can be bought individually either on a 5ml or a 15ml bottle. To save time from mixing this in carrier oils, some of its products are packaged in a roll-on stick for easy application to the skin.

Upon examination, the packaging looks slick enough in the dōTerra kit. The various essential oils have proper labels and were assigned colors you can remember easily. You may not just throw the box away right after opening. The company made sure to write the kind of pain these essential oils relieve. Nonetheless, we note that the table where these essential oils lie can be prone to wear and tear. Hence, we advise you to buy a separate storage if you use these regularly.

The Essential Oils

The dōTerra Essential Oils Kit contains ten 5 ml bottles with different essential oils and last for 75 droplets. Given the potency of essential oils, we think the size was enough to cater your needs.


The dōTerra Essential Oils Kit contains the following:

–   Lavender

–   Lemon

–   Peppermint

–   Melaleuca

–   Oregano

–   Frankincense

–   Deep Blue®

doTERRA Breathe®

–   DigestZen®

–   doTERRA On Guard®

Perhaps the pricing takes consideration that you get everything you need from essential oils with it. From relaxation to treating your indigestion, dōTerra Essential Oils Kit justifies its hefty price tag. Also, note that these are pure essential oils and not one of those diluted with a coconut oil.

The last four bottles listed are unique to dōTerra but also work similarly with other essential oils. DigestZen® is supposed to improve your digestion, and doTERRA Breathe® induces aromatic smell in your room. On the other hand, Deep Blue® is a pain reliever, and doTERRA On Guard® boosts your immune system.

With this, you may use its droplets to mix them in your drinks or blend it yourself with other oils. If you have breathing problems, dōTerra also offers a diffuser in which you can buy at an affordable price.

How pure is their Essential Oil?

According to the company, its internal quality standard called the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) exceeds important oil industry standards. The CPTG came from a set of criteria dōTerra judges and labeled their essential oils. They went as far as claiming that this is one of the safest distillation processes in the world today.

DōTerra has a set of qualifications before their essential oils are rated Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. As excerpted from their official site, the oil must be:

  •    Pure and natural with aromatic compounds painstakingly extracted from plants
  •    Free from artificial ingredients or fillers with no dilution of active qualities
  •    Free of residues from contaminants, pesticides, or chemicals
  •    Pure and potent, while being cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography

While we think that getting this certification speaks quality, we note that this is just a term dōTERRA likes to put in their products. The CPTG does not come from independent third party or a certification in the essential oils industry. Again committing themselves to get through this process is great, but it is just another buzzword for the company at the end of the day.

It is hard not to ask questions as to how much of it is advertisement tool. Without quantifying their criteria, we are a bit skeptical as to dōTerra’s care for keeping the natural elements of the plant through the distillation process. Well, we think dōTerra is simply using it to stand out against their competitors but we do not discount their commitment to delivering pure essential oils to the customer.

While dōTerra does not claim its offerings as 100% organic, this defeats one of the criteria it sets for the CPTG. Nonetheless, the company explicitly states they are harvesting raw plant materials at the right time. Perhaps it is just a matter of semantics in this case because of the differing qualifications of these countries with the term organic.

Some Things We Noticed

The dōTerra kit boasts a lot of educational facts so you will not be clueless about their effects. Moreover, their essential oils really smell good which makes them a good relaxing agent. This might be their biggest weakness though. In their efforts to make them evoke great scent, we find some of these a little too synthetic for a product that claims purity in their part.

For example, their peppermint essential oil smell so good you might think of actually drinking it. The best essential oils normally produce herby and woody scent but it was lost because of their numerous distillations. Its other offerings are just right although we still think these give scents that are too pleasant on the nose. Nonetheless, this is perfect if you use these essential oils through a diffuser.

Moreover, the dōTerra company is a direct-selling firm. You can buy their products online but chances are you will likely buy this product through, a distributor. This is not actually an issue but you might find yourself with a hard-selling vendor.


As one of the most popular essential oils products today, dōTerra offers a kit that has all the things you look for in these. We hope our dōTerra essential oils review gave you a gist on how this product goes, as well as to how this is made.  

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