Eden’s Garden Essential Oil Review in 2017

Edens Garden is one of the best brands that brought us essential oils today. Although several brands are selling essential oils, Edens Garden is one of the brands that got a seal of approvals from consumers and manufacturers to be a reliable and favored store.

Starting from selling small products, they have worked their way up to say gift sets and carrier oils, and since then, they have become a successful brand in the industry today. In this blog post, we will give you the Eden Garden Essential Oils review so that you’ll be guided on the most suitable oil for you!



Edens Garden has an extensive collection of essential oils you can look at. They have a variety of essential oils, carrier oils, accessories, and gift packs. They also do huge discounts and bonuses every time you purchase.



Edens Garden has over 150 essential oils available, and they won’t be stopping from creating new blends and coming up with new varieties, making them one of the best brands to buy the best essential oils.

Their oils come in different sizes, ranging from 5mL up to 30mL, with lots of options to choose from. They have single aroma oils as well as blends. Some top essential oils that they produce are coriander, eucalyptus, apricot, carrot, kanuka, lavender, and a lot more. You won’t be sorry for your purchase because it is only priced at $3-$30, depending on the kind and size of your oil.



Carrier oils are just like the essential oils. The difference is that they diffuse the oils so it can be safely applied to your skin. Edens Garden provides 13 different carrier oils that you can mix with your essential oils. The collection includes avocado, hemp seed, macadamia, camellia seed, sweet almond, and other. The carrier oils sell up from $3 to $10, cheap and of high quality, unlike other brands.



A good deal for you to try out different essentials oils and carrier oils is buying it as a set. Edens Garden provides different deals to choose from. What is a plus is that they come in beautiful boxes, which can be an eye candy to many! A plus is there is an added brochure that will guide you on how to use the oils properly.


You can choose from different sizes, such as 5mL, 10mL, 30mL, 100mL, and 250mL. It is packaged in an amber glass bottle with a euro style dropper cap so you can easily dispense it.

It is one of Edens Garden’s best products because it is tested and ensured of 100% certified pure therapeutic grade quality. There are no added ingredients such as pesticides, herbicides, GMO, or other additives.  It is of high quality at a lower price.

The set includes Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree. It promises to be effective and powerful. It can help you in your breathing and refresh the dirtiest space, with added therapeutic and medicinal properties. We will include an individual review of each oil below.

You can buy this set for you to get a ‘feel’ of the wondrous things essential oils can do. You can save up to 25% when purchasing a set rather than buying it individually.  It also has a guide on different ways on how to use the oils individually to get the best of it.

Users who already tried this product, have raved about its excellent quality, they compared with leading brands, and they can attest that this set is 100% authentic! And can compete with the leading brands.

Here are some benefits of some essential oils in the package:




This essential oil gives off an alluring fragrance and spicy-sweet flavor. This oil can be used as a disinfectant, due to its strong germicidal properties, you can use it on your toilets, refrigerator, kitchen counters and other surfaces, door knobs, microwave, and even your sneakers! It is also great as a facial scrub due to its antiseptic properties that help kill bacteria immediately and efficiently. Some other uses are as a mouthwash, foot soak, insect repellent, and an additive shampoo; fighting off any bacteria is great.


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Eucalyptus is considered as one of the most dominant forms of natural medicine ever discovered. Taking its roots from the 1800s, the usage of eucalyptus has surely come a long way.

There are certainly many uses of this oil such as colds and flu, hair nourishment, hand cleaner, sinus and allergies, natural home care, air cleanser, spot remover, respiratory problems, and wound treatment. It is best known to reduce inflammation and pain, up to killing leukemia cells!


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Grapefruit is essentially known for its weight loss benefits. Little did we know that there are other benefits, that include: disinfecting surfaces, cleansing the body, reducing depression, stimulating the immune system, decreasing fluid retention, curbing sugar cravings, and of course, weight loss.

It can produce these benefits because it is naturally high in antioxidants and phytochemicals that reduce oxidative stress and disease-causing inflammation. Another thing is that it is used to fight throat and respiratory infections, fatigue, muscle aches, and a natural remedy for arthritis. And can also help the liver cleanse the body of toxins and waste. What a wonder, right?


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There is no other introduction for this one because one thing is for sure, lavender can do almost EVERYTHING.


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Aside from being a good tea, lemon has many uses and benefits. It has this amazing ability to cleanse toxins from any part of the body and is widely used to stimulate lymph drainage, rejuvenate energy, purify skin, and an insect repellent.

The oils can be used as a teeth whitener, laundry freshener, cellulite cream, face wash, and household cleaner. Also, it can be utilized as a cure for halitosis (bad breath), thirst quencher, cough relief, and more!

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Lime is known for its energizing aroma, little did we know it will become a major staple in our essential oils. There are many uses of lime essential oils; some use it as an internal cleanser that can support healthy immune function while some add this to their dish to give an extra punch of flavor. Some people even use this to brighten up a room, and make it clean and fresh, and can even be used to add tart, naturally sweet flavors to different drinks. Cool, huh?

These are only some of the benefits and uses that you can yield from this starter kit. The kit includes a brochure which can guide to using these oils effectively. Make sure you follow their steps to achieve a good outcome from one of this set of essential oils.


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All in all, Edens Garden is a great store that sells a huge collection of essential oils. You can buy different varieties of oil. It is a place where you can buy 100% pure, clean, and fresh oils at a very affordable price. You can get the best outcomes of the oil, at a lower price! Head on their website now and try some of their products – while they last! People tend to hoard them and keep them for themselves.  


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